Travco Services.

No repair is too big and no part is too small. At Travco R.V. we are dedicated to ensuring that customers will receive quality workmanship and expert knowledge.

  • RV’s of all makes and size repaired …
  • Complete water damage and structural repair
  • Find Leaks in your RV with SEALTECH 430R — THE SOLUTION to Locating Water Leaks in your RV!
  • Complete servicing of propane – Propane Licensed Technicians.
  • B.C. certifying of propane
  • R.V. Appliance repair and warranty claims
  • Electrical and Plumbing repairs
  • All towing needs
  • Trailer brakes and undercarriages
  • Solar Panel / inverters and 12V system
  • Insurance/private claim estimates and repairs
  • warranty claims
  • insurance claims

Customizing Trailers …

  • Bring us your car trailers and we will customize them
  • View our Trailer Customizing Slideshow here >>>
  • Service Calls at Burnaby R.V. Parks Monday – Friday
  • Full time certified R.V. technicians
  • Secure Premises – Bonded Service
  • Custom Conversions
  • Annual Inspection Bring us your RV or Trailer for complete annual Testing & Inspections
  • Propane Test: (to determine any leaks in the propane system)
  • Propane Appliance Inspections: (to determine if any service or cleaning needs to be performed)
  • Exterior Pressure Leak Test: (a machine pressurizes a RV so a technician can test all exterior seals)
  • Trailer Brake Inspections: (a wheel will be pulled to diagnose bearings, brakes and inside of drums for wear)
  • Battery Load Test: (a battery will be charged to 100%, then load tested

Remember, our shop is located in Burnaby British Columbia, only a few minutes from Vancouver and we are easily accessible!

Winter Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM READ MORE