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bc bolers

Armadillo Boler Trailers

Posted on May 8th, 2018 · Posted in Blog

BC Brothers started Armadillo, a company that manufactures Boler trailers right here in British Columbia.  The family has been involved in the business for over 45 years but recently started.. read more

RV Road Trip Advice

Advice Before Taking Your RV On A Road Trip (Video)

Posted on April 19th, 2018 · Posted in Blog

Some tips on on how to ensure your RV is ready for that long road trip you are planning this summer! Often we don’t think about things like water intrusion.. read more

living in an rv

Do People Live In Their RV?

Posted on March 22nd, 2018 · Posted in Blog

Vacationing and road tripping in RV’s is one thing, but check out these 7 families who have converted their RV’s into their full time homes!

Nomadic Family

5 Great Places to RV in British Columbia That Aren’t Far From Vancouver

Posted on February 9th, 2018 · Posted in Blog

British Columbia is full of amazing places you can RV. Here are some not-so hidden gems and some that you might not have heard of that aren’t too far from.. read more

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